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Mobile Fringe: Your One-Stop Shop

SPONSORED FEATURE – What started out as a smartphone app company, in the very early days of the iTunes store, has now grown to offer a broad spectrum of marketing software tools.

By Mobile Fringe

Mobile Fringe: Your One-Stop Shop

With more than 100 shopping center clients, we at Mobile Fringe are able to help those using our solutions to streamline content, offer shoppers an amazing digital experience regardless of device (e.g., iPhone, PC, digital directory boards), improve security, and strengthen communication to all digital marketing channels.

From the big-budget property managers to local community strip mall operators that are looking for a digital presence, everyone wants their shoppers to have a great user experience. For that to happen, you first need to clear some hurdles.

Common Problems Facing Marketing Teams:

  • Shoppers are frustrated by not having a mobile friendly website to view relevant content
  • Having to enter the same content over and over on various platforms (e.g., Web, e-mail, social, mobile) is a waste of time and can pose a lack of consistency
  • Using multiple vendors means not having common analytics to assess a center’s performance from both the individual center and company wide perspectives. It also offers no easy way or user-friendly dashboard to compare analytics to make decisions regarding a particular website
  • Shopping centers spend too much money and time dealing with multiple vendors, which sometimes can results in overlapping services, overpricing and unsecured platforms
  • Inconsistent branding across multiple channels

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The Solution

Introducing Mall Maverick — The Shopping Centre Content Management Solution. The Mall Maverick CMS platform offers an efficient and reliable approach to these problems by delivering an all-encompassing omni-channel approach.

Mall Maverick was built as a one-stop-shop for those looking to market their center to potential shoppers with the main goal of getting more visits, keeping people on property longer and presenting opportunities to shoppers to spend with confidence.

Mall Maverick’s tagline is ‘Enter it once, and see it everywhere,’ which really means that any content (e.g., store detail information, promotions, events, map updates) entered into the easy-to-use CMS will instantly update on all of your digital channels. This includes responsive websites, mobile Web, smartphone apps, digital directory boards, and the shopping centers’ own social media pages.

Key features that will help solve marketing problems:

  • A Complete Digital Campaign Manager to handle all your information and content
  • The ability to administer your properties’ digital channels from any personal computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Having a responsive designed website for a great user experience across all devices (Web, phones and tablets)
  • Analytic/statistical reporting for digital marketing channels using the best industry tools from Google Analytics
  • Social Media Integration and Monitoring
  • Best-in-class 24/7 support and client service

The CMS also provides an array of features to connect directly with users. An example of this is our new newsletter solution that pulls content directly from the shopping center website to easily populate and send out information to the subscriber list in just minutes.

In the Future

We continue to spend our time and efforts on research and development to improve on the Mall Maverick CMS, and to offer the newest in technologies and develop features that will help shopping centers connect with their clients.

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