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V-Day Flipbooks Starring Mall Shoppers

Digital photos turn into 60-page booklets you can flip through to animate.

By Tactics

V-Day Flipbooks Starring Mall Shoppers

With the bridal season now well underway, we thought we’d share one of the best love-focused ideas to come out of shopping centers this past Valentine’s Day. Phoenix-Center, Allee-Center Remscheid and other German malls from ECE Projekmanagement‘s (ECE) portfolio held interactive flipbook-making events in their common areas.

A flipbook, which is called daumenkino (or thumb movie) in German, is a series of images of an animated scene. Bind those images together in order and they give you the illusion of animation when you flip through them quickly. That’s what ECE shoppers got to do at their local mall’s flipbook digital station. They could stand before a green screen and act out a scene in just seven seconds while an operator took multiple photos. After that, whatever background shoppers had chosen would be added to the image series digitally to create a custom, 60-page flipbook (dimensions were 4.1″ x 2.2″).

The flipbooks were promoted as original and very personal Valentine’s Day presents to offer a loved one. Actually, shoppers could spread that love to more than one person because they received a digital version of their animated flipbooks to post online on Facebook or Twitter.

The Tactics Tip: Flipbooks would make great gifts for any special occasion—a wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday, Teacher’s Day, or even a summer holiday review in pictures before Back to School.